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The photographer is an autodidact in the field of photographing. She has been working and living in different fields and countries, her last job was in the HR Department of an international company till 2006. Since then she is enjoying her two hobbies, travelling and photographing.

Whilst learning by doing she felt a growing demand towards the quality of the pictures she took and the resulting request for a better camera made her purchase a SLR camera (Canon EOS 500n) in 1999. In the years to follow photographing became her hobby next to travelling. Since 2006 friends made her to start experimenting with a small digital camera (Canon IXUS 700 digital), which in 2007 was followed by an SLR Canon EOS 400D digital. Since 2010 she is using a Canon 50D.

She has been to more than 30 countries some of them remote such as Ecuador, USA or China, some closer such as Russia, Tunisia or of course European countries.

To name a few highlights of her extended travelling: her trip to Galapagos, the journey with the Trans-Siberian Express including a visit to the Gobi desert in Mongolia, Australia, Cuba and more recently Argentinia and Chile.

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